Fixpress Print Studio in Burnaby | Multi-Layered Cards
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Multi-Layered Cards

triWith an impressive thickness and a tangible, velvety texture on the surface, the 38 pt. Black – Triple-Layered Ultimate is a card stock that looks and feels incredible.

Printed on 700 gsm “Smart White” paper with a black middle layer that is thicker than the two white layers, this paper stock is designed to provide depth and a unique appearance. It’s simply the perfect tool for when you want to be unforgettable.

Triple-Layered Ultimate stocks, available in 24 pt. Green, 38 pt. Black and 38 pt. Red. With an elegant appearance and a tangible, smooth texture, we think these card stocks are too beautiful and unique to simply be looked at and thrown away.

With Triple-Layered Card, you can make triple the impact than with any ordinary paper in the market. Thick, durable and most of all stylish, it’s the obvious choice when you want to get noticed and turn a few heads. Trifecta is perfect for all your printing service needs to help better promote your business.